Behind the Camo

cammo-ribbonAwareness is the first step in supporting a cause. While most people correctly associate pink ribbons in signifying breast cancer awareness, we often find that the majority of people incorrectly associate yellow ribbons as the main method to show military support. In reality, yellow ribbons signify currently deployed and/or returning troops, which leaves a major population of our heroes unrepresented. Our immediate observation determined there was not a awareness ribbon to signify our support to the entire military community inclusive of all service members: home, abroad, past, present, wounded or transitioning, their families and families of the fallen.

One of Support Military Foundations first tasks were to quickly create symbol that would support a national awareness and involvement movement and in record time designated it under an umbrella of what is known today as “Behind The Camo.” This national awareness campaign is intended to support and honor service members and their families that are serving, have served and will continue to volunteer to serve, encompassing all branches of the military. In order to distinctly distinguish this community from the rest, a specially designed camouflage support ribbon was born. The support ribbon is a digital camo blend of service colors, one from each branch of the military, inherently representing solidarity and unity in support of all that dedicated service to protect and defend this Country. The gold star that is located at the heart of the ribbon, represents honor intended to remind us of the cost of freedom, loss and sacrifice.

Our Behind the Camo awareness campaign is taking flight across the nation. From grass root communities to big city Mecca’s, from national sporting venues to movie production lots, from Wounded Warrior recovery centers to veteran shelters, to family retreats and reintegration fellowships, Support Military Foundation’s Call to Action and the “Behind the Camo” national awareness campaign is here to stay. Are you ready to Show your colors of support and join this movement? Getting involved is easy.

    • Show your colors of support and become a military Advocate by picking your level of support today.

A simple and quick way to get involved can be as easy as a monthly donation to a feature a Verified Agency to enhance their reach and/or a weekly, monthly or annual charitable donation to Support Military Foundation earmarked to comply with the Board of Directors distribution guidelines.  A recent example of funds allocation:

An annual fishing retreat program sponsored by a local group of retirees received a last minute military family request to join the event. Instead of turning away the family, the sponsored event coordinator contacted Support Military Foundation for a grant. Support Military Foundation, Board of Directors felt that the request was within reason, supports our charter and provides a reintegration opportunity for a military family. Our Support Military Advisory Board concurred and a monetary grant was issued just in time for the family to meet the group at the boat launch!

    • Tell the story by obtaining your official Initial Issue “Behind The Camo” Advocate Kit and support the movement in your community! See SMF Gear Tab for details.
    • Directly support our Heroes and their families by donating to any verified organization that is listed in our national resource directory. Support Military Foundation will gladly earmark your contributions to a partnered/verified organization.