Heroes Behind the Camo

Heroes Behind the Camo Vision:
Our vision at Support Military Foundation is to honor our Heroes Behind the Camo by partnering with various organizations to promote programs that can provide our Heroes and their family members with an opportunity or experience building fellowship and/or offers a resource.

Our staff has traveled extensively speaking to our Heroes and getting their input into what they look for when reintegrating and transitioning.  Number #1 response was verified resources; resources that they can count on and not just a hand out, but a hand up. Number #2 was to spend time with family and friends in a fellowship environment; taking time to decompress and spiritually grow.  If we can extend our hand now, ignite fellowship and give them resources to spiritually grow as they navigate reintegration and transition, we would be marching alongside of our Heroes, today and forever.

To address the #1 priority, Support Military Foundation stood up a portal that hosts a National Resource Directory to meet the demand and currently has 52 organizations that can provide quality services or resources to our Heroes.  We take verification seriously and look forward to housing quality resources, not quantity.

Addressing the #2 priority, Support Military Foundation knew that our nation takes pride in a military awareness but did not have one specific campaign that honored all of our Comrades under one umbrella. Support Military Foundation integrated a Heroes Behind the Camo military awareness campaign that facilitates recognition of our Heroes on a national level, today and forever.   The campaign is built upon a unique digitized camouflage pattern that is representative of all branches of military service and referred to as Our Colors of Support.  A camouflage ribbon accompanies the campaign and also incorporates a gold star in honor of those family members who have lost a loved one.    The campaign immediately took flight on national Motorsports raceways across the continent and was lauded as a unique and significant contribution to those who have served and sacrificed.

Like building a plane in flight, our directors wanted to share the spirit that was igniting and without hesitation adopted an umbrella where we could begin building programs that were tailored to meet the needs of our Heroes Behind the Camo (HBTC).  HBTC is a concept that facilitates priorities, builds partnerships and seeks resources to aid in solutions.   Currently, the foundation has gravitated to providing fellowship and spiritual growth as a first priority.

The first HBTC initiative debuted the VIP Race Day Experience.   This program was a natural fit for our Heroes, families, fans and supporters across the nation to; ignite, build partnerships, foster fellowship and spiritually grow military awareness while being embraced in a cultural setting that wants to salute our Heroes.   Currently, the program is available at any one of the 36 NASCAR Nationwide Series scheduled events during the 2014 season.   From sun up to sun down, spending the day with our team, not only provides our American Heroes and their pit crew (Family/Friends) with a high adventure experience of a lifetime, it builds partnerships and most importantly facilitates an opportunity to receive resources that can aid in meeting specific needs.

Our second program under HBTC provides Military Career Spouse Scholarship opportunities to attend an Annual National Military Spouse Career Summit in Washington, DC held in October.  Military career spouses are most often overlooked when it comes to adapting to the military lifestyle and targeting this community under our umbrella was a smart decision.  We not only incorporate our spouses into our volunteer support team, but they keep our pulse on the needs of our Heroes and help us build those strategic partnerships that our families find rewarding.

This is just the beginning of our Heroes Behind the Camo program menu. We want to make sure we offer programs that appeal to the military population and cover the spectrum of interests/needs.  Meeting the needs of those we serve is our priority!