Call to Action

Support Military Foundation relies on community support in order to accomplish our mission of initiating a military awareness program “Behind the Camo” and building a relevant and reliable National Resource Directory. In July 2012, the “Behind the Camo” awareness campaign launched on a National level and today, finds itself regularly surfacing on a weekly basis on speedways across the nation, within the credits of a major movie production company and most recently in partnership with celebrity spokespersons, all of which are creating a movement meant to inspire others.

The directory, unlike any other of its kind, has been structured to support a resource or program that truly affords our military service men, women, Veterans and/or family members a match that will address their need(s). America has risen to the “Call to Action” and today more than yesteryear, resources continue to be bountiful. With hundreds of resources and organizations surfacing annually in an effort to continue the march, Support Military Foundation must continue to lead the charge in providing a resource safe haven for those struggling to navigate the bounty.

As founder of SMF and an active duty military service member with combat history, I too, find myself overwhelmed with the daily increase of demand. I am happy that I can lead this charge in daily devotion on behalf of our comrades and their families. Support Military Foundation reinforces that a resource untouched is a resource wasted. Our hope is that every military affiliated visitor that seeks assistance through the Suport Military Foundation web portal will be seen, heard and assisted on a professional level. Our goal is to obtain direct feedback from the match and ensure that the verified organization delivered on their promise. Our organizations, programs and services enrolled in the directory are subject to annual review for internal and external compliance. The Support Military Foundation operated under the direction of a Board of Directors and Advisory Committee has an obligation to raise awareness to any organization, program, service that is not meeting our expectations and provide immediate feedback.

Interested in becoming an military Advocate and Showing your Colors of Support in a charitable contribution? Donate $125 today and receive an initial Issue “Behind the Camo” Advocate kit and all the membership benefits immediately!